The Most Horrible, Terrible, Worst Day Ever

the most horrible, terrible, worst day ever

8:00PM: It all started last night. With some man troubles. Or should I call it some absence-of-a-man troubles? That might be more fitting. Plus I was sick. Sore throat. So in my mental and physical misery, I decided it would be the only feasible decision to watch The Notebook. Well, ya. I don’t have to tell you that I ended up crying like a baby for the better half of the movie. So now I was sitting there sick, with some absence-of-a-man troubles, sulking over a Ryan Gosling’s undying dedication to that woman. Where was MY Ryan Gosling? I need a Ryan Gosling, no question (I will take referrals).

Midnight: The most horrible, terrible, worst day ever continued with yet another night of no sleep. My body decided a few weeks ago that it was not going to sleep anymore. And last night was yet another night of light sleep, interrupted big time by our neighbor’s inconsolably screaming baby. Since I really didn’t get any good sleep last night, I thought this most horrible, terrible, worst day ever really did start last night – and was just a reeeaaaallllyyyyy long day.

6:30 AM: I “woke up” to the sound of my alarm, completely exhausted. I snoozed for about 45 minutes. No work out. Screw work out, I was glad I could stand up straight. My throat was still sore. I looked in the mirror and saw puffy eyes from too much crying over Ryan Gosling last night, combined with deep dark circles from no sleep. I had to stop looking at what was left of my eyes. So I hopped in the shower, hoping that would at least solve my congestion problem. It didn’t. At least coffee was good and milk for it was in the house.

8:30 AM: After coffee, not having received the emails I had been waiting for for days (it might as well be snail mail), I went to blow dry my hair. At this point, I should mention that I am naturally curly. So when I straighten my hair, there is no way back to curly, but if I don’t go through with the straightening treatment all the way, I just look like a frizzy poodle. So in the middle of blow drying my hair, aka the worst poodle-look stage, my hair dryer thought it would be a great time to stop blowing hot air. Only cold. Why, wonderful. After trying to dry my hair with cold air for over half an hour, I gave up. I looked like a frizzy poodle with half wet hair. Wonderful. So I plugged in the straightening iron and resolved to having to DRY my hair with the straightening iron.

9:15 AM: While the straightening iron was heating up, I went to do my make up… just to find that my nose was peeling from the sunburn I had gotten over the weekend. Why, wonderful. I would be a peeling, frizzy poodle today, with a sore throat, in the worst mood ever. And it was barely 9AM. I managed to actually dry my hair with the straightening iron and don’t even want to know how much damage that did to my hair. I was honestly surprised it didn’t burn off like the hair of the girl in the hair curling tutorial fail video. At least I looked acceptable. Can you say BAD HAIR DAY! On every conceivable level!

10 AM: I finally got to leave the house after all this morning disaster. I’d only be an hour and a half late to work. So this was going to be a long day. But it would be a long day anyway, because I had work and meetings scheduled until 9PM. Not that I particularly mind working late, that’s just how it is in my line of work. But today was obviously not the day for it. My boss was sick, too, and not in the office at all. So everything went a little slower. Because when you’re sick, working and final approvals take longer, too. Then a whole bunch of little things just didn’t go as planned and I had to keep dragging myself through the day without complaining (too much). My friend got to hear it all over lunch.

5:30PM: This is when people usually leave the office to go home. Not me. Not today. I was ready to leave for my 6PM in Irvine. Google maps told me it would take 27 minutes in current traffic to get there. Google maps lied. I got there late. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who got there late and the meeting didn’t even start until 6:30. This meeting was in a huge room with tons of seating. Of course I had to pick the seat next to the ONE complainer in the room. I mean, being in a horrible mood all day, I’ll still be wonderfully pleasant and sociable when attending meetings. It’s work, after all. So I had to sit next to Mr. Complainy (I secretly hoped that I hadn’t sounded like that all day long), who just couldn’t wait to get out of there. I kept wondering why he came in the first place; after all, being there was perfectly voluntary.

8:45 PM: I finally got to call it a day and go home. At least I didn’t get pulled over on the way home and didn’t have an accident either. I suppose that’s worth SOMEthing. Crap… I had not bought a new hair dryer. Guess it’s curly tomorrow. And, just to top it off, when I got home, I broke off my nail when turning off the hallway light. And now I am sitting on the couch with a stomach ache as I am writing this post to finish off the day. At least I got a glass of wine. Next to a cup of whine. Haha.

There was just one ray of light in my day today. It was when I looked at one of my favorite blogs, From Dates To Diapers. The blogger, Christine, talked straight up about her worst times, and I no longer felt so alone in my day. The post started with this image:

Be still

And it felt like God had sent me to her blog today just to read this. (Thanks, Christine!) I really needed to hear it! And for all of you who aren’t on their way yet to find the song on YouTube, here it is:


2 thoughts on “The Most Horrible, Terrible, Worst Day Ever

  1. Hopefully today is a better day. I know the feeling when everything is going not so good. At the end of the day, sleep it off and wake up with a smile. Things eventually get better.

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