Back-To-School: Playmobil School House Review

Playmobile School HouseA year ago for Christmas, my parents bought Christopher this Playmobil school house. Christopher had decided that he didn’t like school so much after all (in first grade). So my parents thought that maybe, if he could play the teacher, he’d start liking it more, understanding it more, or we could see through his play why exactly he doesn’t like going to school.

Well, all of the above remained rather unaccomplished. Most of the time, Playmobil secret agents invade the school or it gets trampled by dinosaurs. Sometimes, there’s an earthquake. Last weekend, the kids were actually supposed to go on a fieldtrip. To Kirkel Castle, that is, in Germany (naturally). We actually cleaned the school and put all the little accessories back inside (even though the classroom had to go to the gym and the gym equipment inside the classroom – because for field trip day, that’s how that works). But then the teacher turned out to be a bad guy and instead of going on a field trip, the kids were captured by the bad Playmobil spies and we were, once again, done playing school.

So, I suppose the school does not get the use it was intended for; nonetheless, however, Christopher does like to play with it. Maybe mommy likes to play with it just a bit more!

Playmobile School House

Playmobile School House

I love it because it’s sort of a doll house, but one that boys can have fun with, too. It has all the details of a school – a classroom, a teacher’s office, a front office, a crafts room, an assembly, there are even bathrooms! There’s even a school bell that rings with the touch of an integrated button. (Maybe you don’t want to show your kiddos immediately – in THIS house, this school bell rings way too often!) They really thought of all the details! There are blackboards you can actually write on! And erase again – the eraser comes with the set! Little paint tubes and brushes go in the craft room, little paper magazines and books in the classroom, and tiny little Playmobile viles will sit there for science class. They thought of everything elementary school, down to the sticker images on the walls!

Playmobile School House

Playmobile School House

The gym comes separately, but I think it’s totally worth getting. It really is a little gym, with soccer field and goal, basketball hoop, hula hoops, tiny little Playmobil balls, ladders and bars… and what not. If it goes inside a gym, it’s there!

Playmobil Gym

Playmobil Gym

These sets are made by Playmobil, so everything is made of high quality plastics. It’s labeled 4+ years, and you really do want to make sure to keep your toddlers away from it. Otherwise, the craft room may suddenly find itself without paint and brushes! If you are thinking of a nice back-to-school present, this is a really good one! It retails on Amazon for $160.55 and the gym add-on retails for $37.18.

Playmobile School House

This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated in any way to write it. I just really like this Playmobil Set.


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