Boston Explosions – Let’s Keep Running!

Boston Marathon Finish LineA while ago, after the Newtown school shooting, a meme from Morgan Freeman was wildly spread on social media stating that if we only paid attention to the victims and stopped focusing on the tragedy and the offender, maybe we’d take the wind out of their sails and things like this would stop happening. Granted, Morgan came out and said that he never said that, but he might have as well and it would have still been right on point.

In this fashion, I would like to pay tribute to the victims of this horrible massacre that happened this Monday in Boston. I will do this by posting happy images of this and past marathons – and it should have looked like this this year, without any other images at all. I will not link to any media outlets because they’re still focusing on everything surrounding the tragedy. The bomber is getting all the glory yet again; they haven’t learned.

If you want to help those affected or find the perpetrator, please use these numbers:

Boston Mayor’s Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500
Boston Police line for witnesses who may have information: 800-494-8477

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

We will not be brought down. This country is stronger than this!


2 thoughts on “Boston Explosions – Let’s Keep Running!

  1. “What we focus on grows!” Kudos to you for focusing on many other wonderful parts of the Marathon..and the human spirit!

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