Help Me Decide Which Dress To Wear For Mayfest!

Maifest is coming up at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim! I am so excited; it’s a tradition in all German-speaking countries with traditional dances around the May pole, German food, beer and music. This Maifest at the Phoenix Club is also a Kinderfest with tons of entertainment for kids! My son will actually get to perform twice: With the dance group (around the May pole) and with the German school (they’re performing a German song). But most importantly: I need something to wear!

Maifest ist Sunday, May 5, 11AM-5PM. Bring the whole family, it’s going to be so much fun!

I won’t only be there as a mom, but I’ll be there as a representative, really. I’ll be there as a teacher of the German school, so I want to look the part. So I decided a new Dirndl is in place! I am very excited because I have only one! So I was online shopping all day yesterday and narrowed it down to two dresses… and now I simply cannot make up my mind! The blouses are exchangeable, so I can do white or black in either one. It’s just about the dress itself.

Please help me decide which one I should get! Just leave a comment! Thanks so much for your help! DANKE!!!


6 thoughts on “Help Me Decide Which Dress To Wear For Mayfest!

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