Work From Home: My Personal Two Cents

Work From Home

I know I am a little late to join the choir, but with all the recent stir about this subject, I thought it would be worth my two cents. I got ready for work this morning and I was basically ready to leave the house when lo and behold, I got sick. It happens like that to the best of us, and there really isn’t much you can do; especially not when going to work involves an extended period of time behind the wheel. So whatever do you do these days?

So, how did MY day go, you ask?
So I let my boss know that I should probably work from home today – because in MY book, working from home is more productive than not working at all. She agreed. So I sat down on my couch – 8:15 AM, took out my laptop and started working. More comfortable for everyone involved. So I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. If you’re worried about employees not working when they’re home, well you know, there are easy control mechanisms for that. Are people doing their tasks and are they meeting their deadlines? I don’t know why it would be so difficult to check on that. How can companies exist for longer than, let’s say a month, without anyone working? Isn’t that the wheel that keeps any company turning? How is it possible that Yahoo sat there with I don’t know how many employees working from home that supposedly did nothing, and still kept running effectively? I don’t mean to diminish our work force even more – but if these people had to do nothing to “get their job done,” why are they even on the payroll again??

Just saying. Employers shouldn’t go to the press and complain about employees not doing their jobs. Haven’t they learned that we’re all lazy at heart and if we didn’t have to earn money to live, most of us would probably choose to go to the beach instead of the office?

But man, I need the money!
So now those that have chosen to be lazy (and were enabled to do so by their employers, may I add) are supposed to ruin it for the rest of us? I must vehemently disagree with this notion. Just because some Yahoos are choosing to lie about their time sheet doesn’t mean the rest of us are as unethical as well.I, for one, need to go to work every day simply because I need the income. If I am sick and must stay home, I don’t get paid and I’ll likely come out short in the end of the month. But if I am sick and can work from home, it’s a life saver! And I will also get no one else in the office sick. Just as a bonus. See, in MY eyes, that’s a win-win. If I was told I couldn’t work from home, I’d force myself to go in, and then no one would be happy about that, trust me!

Some jobs, you are perfectly fine to do from home. Maybe employers just need to choose their employees more wisely if theirs can’t do computer jobs from home. Just saying again. I could do most of my job perfectly fine from home all the time. Most of it is done online. My boss wants me to be in the office, so I go to the office. It’s more social that way anyway. But when I have to stay home for some reason, like today, she knows the work will still get done. How does she know it? Why she can check on my progress. It’s a head scratcher, I know.

Why don’t you get rid of the distractions?!
I realize I don’t have kids at home with me. But if you usually work, those kids should have a place to be anyway, right? So they shouldn’t be a distraction either way. And if you’re so used to working at home that your kids actually ARE with you, then certainly you should have a system in place to make that work or find a different place for them to be. The concept is really not difficult. That’s why they call it “work” … you actually work. So with kids out of the equation, what can possibly distract you so much at home that you can’t get your work done? (Don’t say the dog or the cat or a dirty oven).

What do YOU think? Have you ever worked from home? Have you felt you’re less productive there?


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