Goodwill’s Best Kept Secrets – With First-Ever Smash Mob!

Goodwill of Orange CountyA room full of bloggers came together yesterday morning at the Goodwill of Orange County‘s headquarters to get some deeper insights into the organization. Most of us were blown away by the back operations you would never know are going on if you weren’t told. Every year, 22,000 people are given employment through the programs provided by Goodwill of Orange County.

And those are not just any people. They are those members of society with barriers, those that other employers don’t want to take a risk on. Those who can do the jobs companies love to outsource to save money. Goodwill gives those people a chance and a future. Yes, Goodwill gives YOU fashion for cheap, but THIS is what Goodwill really does.

Meet Neemiah – A Goodwill Success Story

“Your son will never have a normal life,” doctors said
We had the chance to listen to Neemiah in person talk about the incredible transformation he made going through the program at Goodwill of Orange County. Neemiah is one of the organization’s beautiful success stories. He has a condition where his heart might stop beating at any time and he lives in constant pain. His parents were told he’d never be able to have a normal life. Boy, did he prove them wrong! Not only is he a full time employee of Goodwill of Orange County, but he’s getting married in June! Talk about having a wonderful life!

Only 29 And An Inspiration To The World
Neemiah has been promoted within Goodwill several times. He is called on when higher tasks need to be done. He is trusted by his supervisors and the entire organization. He is one of Goodwill’s spokespeople and speaks every week to different audiences about his life. Neemiah is only 29, has a life harder than most of us can imagine. He is blind on his right eye, he can’t hear well with his right ear. His bones are not formed and developed properly. And he has a heart condition. And yet, here he is, telling us that life is good.

And this is exactly what Goodwill does. They give people that society has lost hope for a chance. As Neemiah said: “Goodwill brought the good out in me. I took a chance on Goodwill. And Goodwill took a chance on me.” WOW! Did this work out well!

So every time you shop at Goodwill, THIS is what you’re supporting.
This is what your money really does!

Like my new friend Justine Burgess, blogging contributor of Living Mi Vida Loca, said very candidly: “You’re really making a donation. And you’re even getting something in return!”

Goodwill of Orange County

The Real Goodwill Tour
Why I’ve learned so much today, it will be a blogging series about all the things that hide within Goodwill. We all went a tour of the whole facility where we learned all those “best-kept secrets.” Did you know they have a marketplace where you can bid on bins full of goodies? It’s just like Storage Wars! Depending on the contents, said our tour guide Sam, bins go anywhere from $50 all the way up to $5000! Shoes sell particularly well. And after all, that’s $5000 more going toward Goodwill’s mission to employ people with barriers.

Goodwill Market Place

First-Ever SMASH MOB!
And after learning so much about this wonderful organization and its mission, we had our first-ever Smash Mob! What’s a smash mob, you ask? Watch for yourself!


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