The Easter Tree With Unbreakable Eggs

With St. Patrick’s Day basically over, we shifted gears and went right into Easter. Why, on such a beautiful spring day, that’s not a leap at all! So we made the kitchen table our craft table and painted about 2o Easter eggs. But they weren’t your regular eggs.

How To Decorate With Eggs

There’s only so much you can Long Beach-Lakewood-20130317-02091do with a real egg when it comes to decorating. You hardboil it and then it’ll spoil when keeping it outside the fridge, so you really can’t use them to decorate (except for your table on Easter morning). Or you can puncture an uncooked egg on both ends and blow out the insides… without puncturing your lungs or breaking the egg altogether. That’s an art in itself! And then you paint them and you still have to be careful like nothing else to not break them. At least, if you get through all of that, you CAN use them to decorate. Lastly, you can, of course, buy colored plastic eggs to decorate – but where’s the fun in that?

So how do you decorate with self-painted eggs and keep it at a kid-friendly level? Well, here come white paintable plastic eggs!

Long Beach-Lakewood-20130317-02095

Ours came straight from Germany (where a lot of my cool craft ideas come from) in an Easter package my mom sent. I’ve wanted to include a link here to where to find them within the US, but I wasn’t successful at locating any. Please comment if you know where to get them! So, we had a table full of colors and brushes and little glass stands to put on the eggs so they could dry. And then we went to work and created some art. Christopher had a ton of fun thinking about how to decorate the next egg. Why, there were so many, we simply ran out of ideas! (Too late we read an Easter book where the boys painted monster eggs. I guess we should have read that book first!)

Long Beach-Lakewood-20130317-02099

After the eggs had dried for about an hour, we put string on those that didn’t have it integrated and hung them up on our Easter tree! Yes, we love Christmas trees so much, we created an Easter tree. It looks like this, according to the season:

Long Beach-Lakewood-20130317-02116 Long Beach-Lakewood-20130317-02117

We’re quite proud of it. If you copy this idea, make sure to take a picture of YOUR Easter tree and send it to me! I’d love to do an inspirational follow up post!


2 thoughts on “The Easter Tree With Unbreakable Eggs

  1. Soooo cute!! I would do this. The girls have never dyed Easter eggs. Wat a mess. And I don’t buy white eggs anyway. We only buy the brown ones from a farmer. So…I would do this! And the girls would love it! I am gonna look for these paintable eggs.

  2. What a sweet Easter tree. My mother and sister in laws both have these in their houses at Easter time. This makes me miss Germany.

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