The Funny Things That Make You Happy (Or: A Trip To Costco)

CostcoOh, the funny things that make you feel like you’re truly part of society. For me, one of those funny things is having a Costco membership card. I let my membership expire last October (I decided to forgo the best pumpkin pie in the world for Christmas because I wasn’t sure it the membership would pay off for me anymore. I must have been crazy…). And now, well it was time this membership got reinstated.

So during my lunch break today, I left my desk and headed proudly through the sunny air to my car, drove a few blocks and parked in the parking lot at wonderful Costco of Fullerton. I set foot inside the big hall, flashed my badge (uh, membership card) and was in the middle of… well, everything a mom’s heart desires! Big screen TVs to the right, plushy pillows to the left, toys for mom AND kid ahead… Why, good thing I had less than an hour to get through.

All I came forLong Beach-Lakewood-20130312-02036 was canned tuna for my work lunches and a tub of plain yoghurt. As all of you can already foretell, of course: I left with more than that. And less the yoghurt because this location actually doesn’t have it (Boo to that). Most notably, I couldn’t resist these Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos. Honestly, they are what got me hooked at coffee (it is hard to imagine that there was a time I could actually live without coffee!). Because they ARE a bit pricey (and more sugary than coffee-y and, well, I do drink coffee for the caffeine in it now), I really haven’t bought them in a long time. But today was the day. Today was the day to splurge because it was such a wonderful, happy, I-feel-like-a-real-mom-and-member-of-society-again day! And because the case was ON SALE FOR $3 OFF! So that 12-pack of Frappucinos went right into my shopping cart.

As did a pack of SunnyDs. Yes, I know I didn’t make the healthiest choices today. But if I get to have Starbucks Frapps, my son gets to have a SunnyDs. I mean, come on, that’s only fair, right? And SunnyDs just remind me of happy summer days in California from way back when. And it was either THIS:



Anaheim-Santa Ana-Garden Grove-20130311-02033

Well, needless to say that I can’t afford a $1,500 patio set anymore (if I ever could). I sat on it. Lived vicariously at Costco for a couple of minutes. Imagined I was in a big back yard that I won’t have for a long time now if ever. But that was all good today, too. Here at Costco. And then I pushed my frappucinos and Sunny-Ds to the check out. As I exited, I just felt so happy about having my big containers in my big cart as I am pushing it all through the sun and a light breeze on the search for my car. Found it! And to top it off: As I left, I visited the Coscto gas station, where a gallon of gas in only $3.99! And that’s where I’ll make those $55 for membership back very quickly! And for everyone not residing in California: Yes, we are currently extremely excited here about $3.99 for gas.

What’s your funniest thing that makes you happy? Share it, I’d love to hear!


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